Here’s How to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Feeling cramped? Make the most of your space with these bathroom design tips. 

People almost universally prefer a spacious bathroom to a cramped one. After all, have cramped walls or a low ceiling ever made you feel more comfortable when you’re using the bathroom, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower? Unfortunately, the architecture of a house doesn’t always allow for a spacious bathroom, especially if it was built several generations ago. 

Unless you’re a character from the Harry Potter series, you probably aren’t ACTUALLY able to magically make a bathroom bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. With some careful design choices, however, it’s entirely possible to make a bathroom SEEM significantly bigger than its floor plan would allow. 

To that end, here are several tips that you can take advantage of in order to make a small bathroom seem significantly bigger. 

Use Mirrors to Add Dimension to a Room

Opting for larger mirrors can transform your bathroom by removing some of the visual elements that make it feel small or cramped. By mounting a mirror above the sink, you can provide some visual depth in a space that otherwise wouldn’t have any, making the room “breathe” easier. Installing multiple mirrors can amplify this, effectively providing guests with the sense that the bathroom is multiple times larger than it actually is. 

Just be careful how your mirrors are arranged; not everyone enjoys feeling like they’re trapped in an endless tunnel every time they look up from the sink.

Rethink Your Shower

Although showers can seem like they’re a compact alternative to bathtubs, they can often eat up a deceptive amount of space. In smaller bathrooms, most enclosed showers are also going to be carefully spaced so that they take up the entire wall, which can severely shrink the usable space in your bathroom. 

There are a couple of ways you can address this. Installing glass shower doors limits how much space that a shower’s exterior occupies while adding an extra sense of dimension to the room. If your floor plan allows for it, consider removing the shower doors altogether and installing a walk-in shower for a comfy, extra-chic aesthetic. 

Get Creative With Lighting

If you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time to ditch the flat overhead fluorescent lights, then this is it. Good lighting doesn’t just make rooms feel more spacious, it also lets you emphasize the fixtures in your bathroom and exert better control over the room’s ambiance. Consider getting rid of your single overhead light and replacing it with several lamps or spotlights. 

In an enclosed space, you often don’t need too many light fixtures to completely illuminate the room, and that means that you can get creative (and expressive!) with which ones you choose. Backlighting mirrors, installing upward-facing floor lights, and springing for countertop LED strips all add a new dimension to your room while also making it a lot more visually appealing. 

Be Intentional With Your Color Selection

The color that your bathroom is painted can have a significant, subliminal effect on how people perceive it. By using colors that best fit your bathroom’s floor plan, you can make it seem more visually pronounced–and therefore more spacious! 

Smaller bathrooms look best in light shades of paint. While blue and green are always popular contenders, going for a tasteful light gray or a creamy tan can also provide a room with sleek, breathy sophistication. The key is to find a comfortable middle ground between excessively bright colors (like neons or anything yellow) and super dark ones. Basically, if your bathroom’s paint hue resembles any color that can be found on a bumblebee, it’s time to think about repainting it. 

When in Doubt, Call the Pros

No matter how many visual tricks you employ, some bathrooms will have hard limits on how spacious you can make them feel. Bulky and outdated fixtures along with awkward floor plans can mean that there’s just no way to use a bathroom’s space effectively without completely remodeling it. 

That’s where calling an experienced bathroom remodeling company helps. A good contractor will be able to help you redesign your bathroom’s floor plan to accommodate your needs, maximize its sense of space, and allow for comfortable access to all its fixtures. 

If you’re going to be trusting a local bathroom remodeling company with your space, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the best. To that end, Build-a-Bath & Kitchen is the premier bathroom and kitchen renovation company for Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Lakewood, Southeast Aurora, and Centennial. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen, master bathroom, or tub to shower conversion, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today–your dream bathroom may be closer than you think. 


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