Tub to Shower Conversions


Bathroom space is valuable because it’s often limited. There’s no sense keeping around bathroom fixtures that you don’t use, and this is especially true for bathroom installations like bathtubs. If you don’t use your bathtub as much as you’d like–or wonder why you even have it–then Build a Bath & Kitchen’s custom tub to shower conversions are the perfect solution!

We specialize in turning outdated or unused bathtubs into beautiful shower installations! Whether you’re looking for a practical walk-in shower or an extravagant steam shower, our expert bathroom remodeling contractors will transform your room! 

Our process is so fast, painless, and clean that within a week, you’ll feel like your shower has always been there! 

Build a Bath & Kitchen is your go-to source for bathroom remodeling in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Centennial, Parker, Lone Tree, and the South Denver Metro. Our affordable Colorado bathroom contractors have everything you need to bring your dream custom bathroom or kitchen to life. Our mobile showroom has a variety of ideas to help you zero in on your ideal bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation. Whether you’re just looking for a nicer shower, or want a custom bathtub, fixtures, tile, sinks, and countertops, we’ve got you covered. Contact Build A Bath & Kitchen to see why we’re the best bathroom remodeling company in Colorado!

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